How to choose curtain poles

How to choose curtain poles

Choosing the suspension system is not a simple matter. Shelves in the stores are filled with dozens of models and quantity of offers from online stores you can also get dizzy. You too are asking the question of what should be to focus their attention?

Before choosing curtain poles need to think about in what style will be, or already is the space furnished.
Also take into account the appearance of curtains or draperies that we want to use, and also the type of material from which they are made curtains. Weight lifting is an important parameter that needs to be adapted to the selection of the suspension system.
You must think even the possibility of mounting curtain.
Complete the final effect significantly and brackets, rings and fittings used for cornices.

Choosing the right curtain poles can visually adjust the gaps in space.
For example, to visually enlarge the space window, reach for a greater length of the curtain. This allows you to use a wider suspension and overlay as part of the wall..

Guide to the selection of the correct length curtain poles

The recommended distance from the edge of the curtain poles holder for window curtains about 15 cm to about 25 cm suspension.
Distance from the finals of the rod curtain poles hole should be approximately 10 cm on each side.


Pelmet curtain for the window size 160 cm 210 cm should be measured.
Pelmet curtain for the window size 160 cm 230 cm should be measured..


Number of rings for curtain poles

Ideal number of rings calculated by the length of the curtain poles
1pc 10cm net length (ie length curtain poles minus 20 cm).

On the pelmet with a length of 200 cm you need 20pcs rings

Choice of material and thickness of the curtain

Before choosing suspension system you need to rethink the purpose for which it will use to which it will plant a material, whether it is necessary to Curtains passed continuously over the entire width of the suspension system and also to what area it will be placed.
You can select the first curtain made of metal and wood, surface finished. Wooden curtain rods are most commonly found in the natural color. Metal curtain poles can be found in various colors, najčastejčie it is antique or chrome. When choosing colors should be considered interior style. We can manage the elements contained in the interior - paint the walls, paint furniture, fittings, accessories, etc. ...

Important is also the diameter of the rod used. Thick, massive rod while it is indeed durable, but does not look too smart. On the other hand, small-diameter rod does not have to endure the burden of the heavy lifting, and consequently it may be deformed.

Rods with a diameter of 16 mm is recommended to use for small windows and short, light curtains. Are perfect in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, hallways.
If you use long curtains or heavy drapes, it is better to resort to the rod with a diameter of 25 mm. Such cornices have their place especially in living rooms, where the importance of very pôsobivo.Tyče with a diameter of 25 mm are suitable for interiors furnished in a classical, baroque, and rustic style.