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Dear customers and business partners,

Welcome to our internet shop. You can choose from a  variety of curtain poles and other related accessories from the comfort of your home or office.
On this website we offer curtain poles made from top quality materials. With a  great variety of models, surface finishes and colour variations, you will surely find one which suits your interior.
Curtain rods are an important part of all windows – they are decorative accessories with a practical function. The correct combination of a pole and curtain creates the aesthetic appearance of the room. Therefore it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of the most suitable curtain pole.
If you´re visiting us for the first time, we recommend you  start by clicking the categories on the left-hand side menu, or the item Curtain Poles on the main menu. There the curtain poles are separated into basic categories.

On our website you´ll find complete sets in categories:


All the offered goods are in stock and can be promptly delivered to your address.
We offer you single curtain poles as well as double curtain poles.
All curtain poles are designed to the last detail; they are made from quality material, a modern and stylish look. Our Curtain poles retain durability and high wear resistance thanks to the finish. Look at our offers and buy curtain poles for the lowest prices on market.
Quality comes first
Our shop specialises exclusively in top quality curtain poles, which have undergone a thorough inspection and careful selection process. You will only receive curtain poles which fulfil the most exacting demands on durability and resistance.
Bargain purchases
All goods are supplied directly from the producer – therefore we can arrange the lowest prices with the highest quality available.
We follow trends
In our shop you will find elegant and modern collections of curtain poles. Also in the future we will try our best to always offer new and exclusive curtain poles, which will make your home a more pleasant place.
Various designs of curtain poles
We offer single and double curtain poles. Single curtain poles are primarily meant for net curtains. Double curtain poles can be used for net curtains and curtains. You can choose a suitable colour tone, which will harmonise with your home decor- the curtain poles with galvanised surfaces come in antique and silver-matt variations.
Curtain poles for the discerning customer
There are a collection of 16 mm diameter curtain poles – appropriate for lighter net curtains – as well as 25 mm diameter curtain poles for those, who desire more exclusivity. On 25 mm diameter poles you don´t need to be afraid of hanging heavy and long curtains. We offer curtain poles with finials, which have a  luxurious touch, ornaments or embellished with crystals.
Help with selection and installation of the curtain poles
To help you avoid buying the wrong curtain poles and to get the perfect result, we have prepared a brief manual on how to correctly ascertain the size of a curtain pole and short installation instructions.
We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.