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Dear customers and business partners,

Here at, we largely offer a myriad of high quality curtain poles, curtain rods and other related home improvement merchandise. Right from the comfort of your home or office, you have the opportunity to shop for the best curtain materials at pocket-friendly prices.

Our biggest pride still comes from the quality of our curtain accessories’ materials. With different great colors, surface finishes and models to choose from, we can guarantee you’ll find a lot of curtain accessories that’ll spice up your home’s interior. 

Curtain rods provide a lot of benefits to all windows; in essence they are decorative accessories serving practical functions. A good combination of a curtain and pole delivers an aesthetic appearance to your home’s interior. Moreover, careful consideration is required when picking the best curtain rods for your home. 

A good spot to begin shopping for your curtain poles would be the categories section by the left menu, or on the items’ main menu, click on Curtain Poles. All curtain poles and rods (including bay window curtain poles and bay window curtain rods) have been differentiated into basic categories to provide a pleasant shopping experience for our customers.

On our website you´ll find complete sets in categories:

Why should you buy from

  • Top Quality

Our shop strictly (with stress on the word strictly) only offers top quality curtain accessories that have been thoroughly inspected and carefully selected. You can never buy curtain rods from us that do not deliver perfectly in terms of resistance and durability.

  • Bargain Purchases

Every single one of the products offered on this shop is supplied directly from the manufacturer. This gives us the opportunity to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price.

  • Stay ahead of the trends

On here, you will find a lot of modern and elegant sets of curtain accessories like bay window curtain poles and bay window curtain rods. Also we only offer exclusive and new curtain accessories that’ll ensure your home upholds a pleasant and beautiful look.

  • Different curtain poles design

Are you looking for either double or single curtain poles? Then you are on the right e-shop. Single curtain poles are best for net curtains while double curtain poles are ideal for both normal and net curtains. You can always pick a beautiful color that will fit perfectly with your home decoration. Keep in mind that curtain poles having galvanized surfaces come in both silver-matt and antique variations.

  • Variety of curtain pole sizes to pick from

There are both 16mm and 25mm diameter curtain available; depending on your discernment. While the 16mm diameter curtain poles are best for lighter curtains, the 25mm curtain poles provide more exclusivity for your home. In addition, we also offer poles with finials; embellished with crystals and ornaments to deliver a luxurious touch to your home.

Help with the installation and selection of the curtain poles

To ensure you don’t end up purchasing the wrong curtain poles and to deliver the perfect result on your curtain pole installation, we have provided a brief manual to assist you through the whole process.
We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.